Tips For Finding Affordable Dental Plans

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By:Spirit Dental
February 24, 2015

Without dental insurance, the cost of even routine dental care is often unaffordable for many people. Finding low-cost dental care is difficult, which is why many people spend years without seeing a dentist. Unfortunately, this can result in many unpleasant and even dangerous health problems.

Because keeping your teeth strong and healthy is so important, you need to find affordable dental plans that can still provide adequate coverage. If you have shopped for dental insurance in the past, you might think there is no way you can afford the monthly premiums. However, if you know where to look, you can find affordable insurance that will give you the coverage that you need.

If your employer offers dental coverage, do not assume that this is your only option. It may not even be the most economical plan that is available to you. While group insurance is often less expensive than individual policies, there are more affordable options on the marketplace.

For example, by shopping online, you may be able to find a dental plan that has lower monthly premiums. However, before you enroll in the first such plan that you find, you need to spend some time reading over the fine print. A plan will not do you any good if it does not provide minimal coverage for preventative care.

At a minimum, a plan should cover most of the cost of such basic dental care as cleanings, examinations, and X-rays. If a plan pays for less than 75 percent of the cost of such procedures, it is probably not worth it. A good dental plan should cover at least 90 percent of the cost of these basic procedures. Ideally, they should not cost you anything.

It is also important to look for a plan that provides some coverage for emergency dentistry. If you break a tooth or injure your mouth in some way, prompt attention will keep the long-term damage to a minimum. Try to find a dental plan that pays for at least 50 percent of the cost of any emergency care that you need.

The final category of coverage that many dental plans include is for specialized care, such as braces, root canals, or implants. Many cheaper plans provide only minimal assistance for these procedures, or they may provide none at all. However, if you do not require such care at the present time, it may be worth it to select a plan that does not cover such treatment. After all, some coverage is better than none.

You can also save money by looking at plans that have lower annual caps. These caps represent the upper limit on how much the insurance company will pay each year. For example, if you have a $1,000 annual cap, you are responsible for any costs that exceed that amount. The lower the cap, the cheaper the plan will be.

Affordable dental plans are available, and the right plan can help you get the care you need to keep your teeth healthy.

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