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By:Spirit Dental
March 27, 2015

According to a study that was carried out by the Pew Center in the USA, Americans have been spending at least $106 billion annually on dental health since 2010. With the rate at which dental problems and thus need for dentists rises, the CDC report shows that out of the 173 million private insured Americans who are under age 65, 73 percent have some kind of health insurance, leaving more than 45 million within this group without dental coverage. In total, more than 108 million children and adults live without dental health insurance.

With more than 50 percent of all general dentists losing money in their perks with health/dental insurance companies- due to the rising cost of dental care/procedures, is it even possible for one to have high quality affordable dental insurance? This article will look at affordable dental insurance as a topic.

How Affordable Is Affordable Dental Insurance?

There are various kinds of dental insurance packages in the markets. Their affordability is based everybody’s definition of affordable. One can either choose between insurance plans within their operating budgets or discount dental insurance policies that allow them to save some money on policies. Many insurance gurus agree that the most affordable insurance plan or policy is one that is taken for preventative purposes- its coverage is always broad to impart maximum benefits to the buyer.

Also worth noting is the opposite of affordable dental insurance, which is the most expensive dental insurance. Dental insurance often plays out expensively when one does not have any dental insurance. It also happens when one is buying an insurance policy they don’t use.

Discount dental insurance policies on the other hand, present an opportunity for the uncovered population to pay less based on specific negotiated cost structures. With the way dental insurance packages are designed, cheap options might not always appeal to most.

Policies (dental insurance) that come with limits to what benefits one can still enjoy after paying premiums won’t amount to much because they are still structured to ensure the overall profitability of the insurance company, insurance agencies and dentists. What options do consumers have?

Affordable Dental Insurance Is Not An Oxymoron

Having a healthy dental formula is an undeniable component of good personal health. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that many Americans cannot afford basic dental insurance.

Considering that dental insurance expenses have been increasing (with many dentists on dental insurance rosters losing money according to the ADA) dramatically in the past few years, the need for rationalization of dental health care costs has become more critical than ever.

The confines of the dental insurance market place such as restrictions in standard dental insurance policies, higher premium costs as well as perceived poor service have made it harder for people to want to afford it.

For employers and individuals who want affordable dental insurance, discount dental insurance packages could be a viable option.

In conclusion, research shows that more and more Americans do not have access to affordable dental insurance because the premiums are either too high for them to or because of the unattractive packages, restrictions and lack of proper assured service in most packages being sold. Discount dental insurance packages, however, offer viable affordable dental insurance for the uninsured masses.

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